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dev exalts Nix, exploration and reputation



Star Wars Outlaws was one of the highlights of Ubisoft Forward at the Summer Game Fest, whether in the presentation to the public or in the tests for the guests present.

O MyPlayStation was in Los Angeles and spoke with Mathias Karlson, director of the work. With two The Division games under his belt, he wanted to innovate the gameplay of the first open-world Star Wars game. According to him, there are three basic pillars in the title: Nix, exploration and reputation.

There are three things here. In terms of gameplay, from the beginning, we wanted to work as a duo, with Nix. He is an extension of Kay. You can distract enemies, attack them, grab things you can’t reach and so on. She is a thief, has a strong personality and handles herself very well. We wanted to make this very clear in the gameplay. You can go stealth or blow up everything with the Blaster, which we invented for this game with LucasFilm, with its various modules. These experiences are the heart of the game.

The second point is the varied possibilities, mainly exploration, traveling with ships between countries, using motorbikes, card games, this variation we think is incredible.

And the third is how an open world has to be very connected to the player’s motivations and opportunities, with things that simply appear on the map. And the reputation system is very involved in this. The Empire will come after you if you break the laws, and if you really want to learn things and discover more activities, you’ll have to go after the experts.

O MyPS had the opportunity to test a little of this, and the game turned out to be very positive, and you can check out the analysis here.

“Star Wars Outlaws isn’t just for fans”

For Karlson, in fact, one of the thoughts was to prepare the ground for those who are embarking on this adventure across the galaxy for the first time. Who yet Not a fan of Star Wars. Read more here.

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