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dev reveals details of new PS5 exclusive



The surprise announcement of the exclusivity of Forever Skies, a first-person post-apocalyptic survival game that was already awaited on computers, for the PlayStation 5 on consoles, was followed by a beautiful post on the PlayStation Blog, detailing a little more about the game .

The publication is signed by Greg Cummings, Community Manager at Far From Home, the company responsible for developing the work, which can be played in both single-player and co-op mode with up to four people. And, according to him, it is more than a game, but also an invitation to think about our planet.

“We don't overly focus on an ecological message in our game because the setting does that on its own. The consequences of humanity's actions are shown to you and now you must survive in this environment. And that's something we've always wanted to do. Not preach, but simply show and give people the space to think about this crucial topic”, he commented.

In Forever Skies, you are a scientist who returns to Earth destroyed by a global ecological disaster. The player will fly a high-tech airship, expand, rebuild and repair it. Your goals? Scavenge and plunder resources to survive and face the dangers of the surface while trying to find viral pathogens to develop a cure for a mysterious disease.

Watch the PS5 exclusivity announcement trailer, released today:

The exact date of the title's arrival has not yet been announced, but the developers confirm that it will be available in the video game and on computers at the same time.

Forever Skies was inspired by Poland; understand

The inspiration for the entire environmental issue addressed in the game came from Poland, the country where most of the developers live. Check out the explanation below:

“Although our team is from all over the world, a significant part of us is based in Poland. For decades, our country has been known for its poor air quality, especially during the winter months. Iconic Polish cities like Krakow or Wroclaw are often ranked alongside massive megacities like Beijing, Delhi or Lahore. However, these are huge metropolises with 10 or even more than 20 million people living in them. Krakow or Wroclaw do not even exceed 700,000 inhabitants and yet we regularly receive public announcements warning us to stay indoors due to current levels of air pollution. Some studies even suggest that, to breathe clean, unpolluted air, people would need to climb 100 meters above cities. And so, the first spark of inspiration that began the design of our entire world was found.”

In other words, it seems that Forever Skies will hit consoles and computers when it is released. Comment what you think!

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