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Devs dive into April Fools' Day with curious announcements



April 1st continues to be a real nightmare for the games industry — but in a good way. Last Monday (1), devs took advantage of the special date to share creative April Fools jokes, through dubious advertisements.

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The period marks the moment when big studios “go down to the playground” and revive the fifth series with clever ideas. While many fans fall for the joke, others believe in what is being shown — and this probably encourages the devs to produce more elaborate lies.

The most curious April Fools jokes

HoYoverse announces Honkai: Star Rail film

A trailer published by the creators of Genshin Impact highlighted a film that is (not) in production from Honkai: Star Rail. The work would transform the mascot Pom-Pom into a great heroine, inspired by Japanese works in the Kaiju style. Check out the trailer:

New Street Fighter 6 fighter

Capcom took advantage of the hype from the Honkai: Star Rail trailer to reveal that Pom-Pom would be the new fighter in Street Fighter 6. Well, there is potential, but unfortunately we know that there is no space on the screen for such a grand creature. See the April Fools joke below:

Sonic the Hedgehog expansion would be work

SEGA has revealed a Sonic the Hedgehog expansion that would be practically impossible to acquire. This is because fans would need to go back to 1991 and insert several cartridges into the Mega Drive to obtain an “inflated hedgehog” skin.

First tweet — We’re excited to introduce the next innovation in gaming… Cartridge-loadable content! Lock-on technology was just the beginning.

Insert a second, third and FOURTH cartridge to load new features like never before. Visit your local Blockbuster on April 1, 1991 to check it out!

Second tweet — Launching with Big Head mode and Sonic the Hedge cartridges to enhance your Sonic the Hedgehog experience. Each cartridge is sold separately.

Devolver Digital destroys seemingly everything

Devolver Digital's April Fools' Day was quite “revolting”. The studio attacked basically every type of entertainment area to warn that it would be investing in television content. A reality show announcement would be revealed later this week.

Having dominated the independent video game market, Devolver Digital found itself searching for a new medium to conquer.

But which? Films? Pointless since we all just watch them in 15 second increments on TikTok now. Music? Nobody hears that anymore. Literature? Haha, of course not. Books are for nerds. Then, it hit us like a thunderbolt: reality TV.

Beautiful people. Glamorous settings. Explosive drama. Conflicting egos. Broken dreams. Insatiable thirst. This is the way for us. What we did for violent pixelated video games, we will now do for reality television.

So, in collaboration with our friends at Nerial, Devolver Digital is making a bold, suspiciously sudden, and some would say doomed transition from indie games to reality — and we're inviting YOU to join us.

Watch this space. More news will be revealed tomorrow.

Adult version of Palworld

There have been many jokes about Palworld since the game's launch, especially among the Brazilian community. And as if that weren't enough, the creators would be “planning” a version for adults, with dating options where it would be possible to have an “intimate” relationship with Pals. Suggestive.

PowerWash Simulator in reverse

FuturLab's April Fools' Day was also quite creative. The studio announced a new mode for PowerWash Simulator where, instead of cleaning, it would be possible to get everything dirty. But good? Wouldn't it just be playing a game in reverse? That must be it.

New cleaning mode coming?

Pokémon Tournament will reward sleepy people

The new Pokémon tournament would put pocket monsters off duty and take trainers into unprecedented competition. Here they would no longer need to fight: whoever sleeps more deeply without losing concentration on sleep wins.

“New” version of Cyberpunk 2077 Ultimate Edition

Anyone still living in the 1990s would have a chance to play Cyberpunk 2077 on their PC. The “Floppy Edition” (flop joke?) consists of a floppy disk version that dates back to CD Projekt RED's much more distant past.

If you miss the good old days when game installation was a real ritual, then you'll love the Cyberpunk 2077 Floppy Limited Edition!

Make your wish list now at and be prepared for a truckload of 97,619 3.5” floppy disks!

The Elden Ring expansion really is an expansion

With the release of Shadow of the Erdtree scheduled for June, FromSoftware is already working on a new expansion for Elden Ring. Or maybe not? The DLC announced by the company as part of April Fools' Day would just be an expanding image.

Tainted, watch this Elden Ring expansion.

New skins for Among Us

InnerSloth's April 1st revealed a “long” update for Among Us. Available until April 8th, the content introduces special assassination animation and a stretched look for crew members.

“My Little Oni” in Dead by Daylight

The Oni killer is already scary in Dead by Daylight, but this new version promises to make things more intense. Well, at least I would promise, if it were true. Check out how the Oni would trample the survivors in its giant version:

We've heard your feedback and are excited to announce that for a limited time, you can get stomped in Dead by Daylight. You are welcome.

Did you fall for any of these April Fools jokes? What do you think? Comment!

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