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Devs think Overwatch 2 missions will never be released



Overwatch 2's PvE mode arrived last year under criticism. After all, it didn't bring several features that fans expected. And, according to Kotaku, the developers who were part of the project, it doesn't look like things will improve at any point.

Today, there are only three missions, lasting around 30 minutes each, available for those who want to enjoy this style of game, even though much more content has been developed in recent years, and there is almost a certainty among current and former Blizzard employees that that it will never see the light of day. Some of them are even 100% playable.

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According to the page, the initial idea was to launch missions every 18 months, with robust packs. However, deadlines were always increased, mainly due to demands from directors that everything had to be “Blizzard quality”. Furthermore, adapting from PvP to PvE would have been complicated.

“They had designers, programmers, artists, QA, all disciplines, on the team constantly making suggestions and ideas to improve, or trying to do the best we could. But everything was rejected by some people or simply seen as unnecessary”, said a source in the report.

Another important point in this situation is that, after the acquisition of Microsoft and the layoffs at the beginning of the year, a large part of the employees who worked on the project were laid off. Precisely for this reason, no one believes in a large investment in Overwatch 2's PvE anymore.

“It doesn’t appear that, even from a business standpoint, Activision and Microsoft have any confidence in PvE,” added another person.

Overwatch 2 will have a collab with Cowboy Bepop

Overwatch 2 announced another major collab this March. And with one of the most famous anime of all time, Cowboy Bebop. Featured skins, emotes, intros, and more for some of the game's most popular names — all inspired by Cowboy Bebop. The anime's soundtrack will also be in Overwatch 2 as part of the announced event.

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