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Diablo 4 attracts new players to Xbox Game Pass despite criticism



Diablo 4 arrived on Xbox Game Pass less than a week ago and new players love the game despite its community.

The journey of Diablo 4 has been, to say the least, tumultuous. Player opinion fluctuated between boundless optimism and virulent contempt depending on when you paid attention.

Despite a decline in player numbers, the development team behind Diablo 4 recently caused a stir with the announcement of a public test of Season 4. In addition to the fixes made to the much-criticized version, Activision Blizzard has just launch Diablo 4 on Game Pass (Xbox and PC) in order to attract even more players.

The strategy seems to be paying off as new Diablo 4 fans are taking to the game's Subreddit to sing its praises.

Reddit user u/TheFlexOffenderr was shocked by his experience after hearing “ terrible things about Diablo 4 “. “ I've become addicted to the point that if I'm not playing – I'm thinking about it “, he shared.

Another new player, fresh from the Game Pass experience, asked the community “ Why do people hate this game? “. He explained that he had been discouraged from playing the game following early discussions around Diablo 4 and was shocked that he enjoyed it.

I thought this style of play would be boring, but not at all! ” he said. “ I fell in love from the first hour “.

These are just some of the mini reviews pouring in for Diablo 4 now that the game has launched for free via Game Pass on PC and Xbox. This is an unexpected change of discourse regarding the title.

Part of the Diablo 4 community suggests that this wave of positivity is the result of “ rose tinted glasses “.

Much of the criticism was about its lifespan. However, with the significant changes introduced in Season 4, new players to Diablo 4 may not face the same issues.

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