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Diablo 4 players struggle with frustrating Barbarian bugs in Tournament



Diablo 4 players are fighting for first place in the Tournament, but some bugs affecting Barbarians have stopped players in their tracks.

Diablo 4 finally received the long-awaited ranking system in Season 3. The Tournament is a challenge that sees players compete for the highest score by clearing a weekly dungeon.

There were some issues with the Tournament, including a bug that gave players a considerable lead and inflated scores. Fortunately, the Diablo 4 development team was able to rectify the problem.

This doesn't mean the challenge is completely free of problems. A persistent bug affecting Barbarians has hampered many players' quest for the top of the leaderboard.

Barbarian in Diablo 4

Bug affecting Barbarian's Energetic Charge in Diablo 4 prevents access to Tournament leaderboards

On the official Diablo 4 forum, users have started reporting issues with the Forceful Charge skill.

Energy Charge should normally reduce Charge's cooldown by a few seconds for each enemy knocked into a wall. However, Barbarian players have reported that the skill is not taking effect.

“IThere are times when I charge a large group and yet my cooldown on the charge ends up being something like 9 seconds », Explained a player. “ There are times when I couldn't use my charge for a while and that shouldn't happen unless I charge a single enemy “.

So both issues seem to be well known to Barbarian players and multiple responses seem to confirm that they are widespread. “ I test it every day. Still a problem. Not as bad in the open world, but as soon as you enter a dungeon, everything bugs. This makes the Tournament impossible with a decent score », elaborated another user.

Finally, on Reddit, Diablo 4 players are theorizing that the Energy Charge issue could be related to the Ancestral Charge bug and while there is some evidence to suggest this, there is no definitive confirmation.

So let's hope that these brutal bugs affecting Barbarians will be fixed in a patch. All players deserve to be able to compete in the Diablo 4 Tournament.

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