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Diablo IV Season 4 is postponed until May



During the Campfire Chat this Wednesday (20), Blizzard announced a change in the roadmap for Season 4 of Diablo IV. The content, which was scheduled for April 16, will only be released the following month. As a result, the Construct Season, which is currently underway, will be extended until May.

Participating in the event were community director Adam Fletcher, game designer Charles Dunn, lead live class designer Adam Jackson, and associate game director Joe Piepiora.

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“We're holding off for a few weeks to make sure we get all the feedback from this PTR and apply it into Season 4 to make sure all of these new system changes are correct and working for the community based on everyone's feedback,” said Fletcher.

Check it out below:

Diablo IV is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

Season 4 of Diablo IV will have a series of new features

The broadcast also revealed a series of new items in itemization, new battle and loot systems, as well as different events. Season 4 could be one of the game's biggest yet, as Blizzard promises an itemization overhaul that could change how loot impacts the overall experience. Let's wait for news soon.

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