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Dialogue in Suicide Squad gives clues about new character



The villain Brainiac dropped a big spoiler about the possible content coming to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in Year One. According to a line of dialogue, an antagonist from Batman's arc will make his debut in the first few seasons as a playable character .

Apparently, the speech consists of a synchronization error with the base game's text, as the villain's voice in the real game seems to be just off axis. In a clip released by redditor ZeronintyPlays, it is possible to observe that Brainiac “gets confused” and calls Harley Quinn by another name.

After being knocked down in combat, the Joker's ally is called Freeze. The name is a direct reference to the alter-ego of Victor Fries, one of the main enemies of Batman's arc. Additionally, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League suggests he will be the “weakest link in this chain.”

Check out the clip below:

Am I crazy or did Brainiac just call me Freeze
byu/ZeronityPlays inSuicideSquadGaming

Recurring in the Arkham franchise, Mr. Freeze could be one of the playable characters to be added after the Joker's debut. As Rocksteady's roadmap highlights three additional spaces for upcoming seasons, the evidence is strengthened by recorded speech.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is available for PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

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