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Did Fortnite copy Warzone? Players say yes!



Fortnite had an update last Saturday (22) where the Reload mode was introduced to players. Unlike battle royale, here you continue to have chances of winning and returning to the game while an ally of yours is still alive. This proposal is reminiscent of Warzone’s Resurgence mode, and it stirred internet users.

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Basically, Epic Games brought the classic battle royale points of interest to a smaller-scale map with capacity for up to 40 people. The same approach is taken in Rebirth, the Resurgence scenario, which also works in a more compact environment compared to the battle royale.

fortnite reloadfortnite reload

How did internet users react to Fortnite Reload?

The reactions were very mixed and accounts such as ModernWarzone, at X, they said: “it’s called Resurgence, great addition!” Following this positive reception, another internet user named Cammy pointed out: “Rebirth is one of the best things currently being done in Call of Duty, so I’m happy with it.”

On the other hand, players thought that this map would work like that season where everything went back to the way it was in classic Fortnite, with Crooked Towers and other nostalgic points from the title appearing again. Once they understood how it worked, stayed upset about to prefer the standard battle royale approach.

Did you like the idea of ​​Reload? Find out more details about the mode at this link!

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