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Dino Crisis is the most requested game in Capcom’s “election” – MeuPlayStation



Dino Crisis continues to be on the minds of Capcom fans. Lovers of the franchise don’t miss the chance to show the publisher their desire for the return of the saga and, once again, in an “election” driven by internet users, the dinosaur game was highlighted.

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In the “Capcom Super Elections”, a questionnaire with ten questions related to the company, 254,158 internet users gave their opinion on which franchise should return. Dino Crisis was the champion, with 80,769 people making a point of praising the game, apparently forgotten by the publisher — to hunt dinosaurs today, only in Exoprimal.

Mega Man came in second place with 63,395 votes and Devil May Cry came in third, totaling 60,371 Dante lovers. Check out the image below:

Dino Crisis appears in Capcom researchDino Crisis appears in Capcom research
(Source: Capcom)

Dino Crisis appears to attract consumers of different ages

In the survey, Dino Crisis appeared as the favorite of consumers aged 30 to 40. Among fans aged 10 to 20 and also those aged 50 to 60, he occupied second position.

Age groups that chose Dino Crisis in Capcom's surveyAge groups that chose Dino Crisis in Capcom's survey
(Source: Capcom)

Regarding the comments, Capcom summarized the requests by highlighting just one comment from a mysterious internet user: “Please remake Dino Crisis or release a sequel. I know my message will be one of possibly millions, but please release one for us fans.”

Gamer opinions on a Dino Crisis remake or sequelGamer opinions on a Dino Crisis remake or sequel
(Source: Capcom)

Do you agree with him? Do you prefer a remake or new release in the franchise? Comment below!

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