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Director of God of War III and Star Wars JEDI founds studio



Stig Asmussen, known for leading the productions of God of War III and the Star Wars JEDI franchise, has founded a new game studio. Entitled Giant Skull, the company is already working on its first high-budget project.

In an interview with IGN, Asmussen revealed that his team has approximately 30 people. Many of them are veterans of Star Wars JEDI and Fortnite, and will have the option to work entirely remotely or from the Los Angeles-based office.

God of War III director works on narrative single player

Regarding Giant Skull's first game, the director of God of War III characterized it as a AAA single-player action-adventure game, based on narrative. It will focus on mystery and intrigue, and will feature a cinematic approach inspired by “real and authentic worlds”.

We have a very clear vision for the kind of game we're going to make, and that's playing to my strengths… third-person action and adventure that's single-player focused, gameplay-driven, and seamlessly integrated into a compelling narrative.

Asmussen also commented that he intends to form partnerships with global publishers “when the time comes”. Following his departure from Respawn, he would not be “ruling anything out” and opens the door to opportunities for licensed games and new IPs.

Stig Asmussen
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You can learn more about the God of War III director's studio through the official website.

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