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Disco Elysium studio may suffer layoffs and cancel new game



In the coming weeks, around a quarter of ZA/UM's total workforce will be laid off. Internal reports indicate that the CEO of the Disco Elysium studio foresees around 24 layoffs, as well as the cancellation of a standalone expansion of the game.

An email released by the GHLF on Sports Illustrated website indicates that Ilmar Kompus is already alerting some employees about the cut. According to the message, breaches of contracts will accompany the cancellation of a project codenamed X-7, proposed as an independent chapter of the base game.

The president of ZA/UM, Ed Tomaszewski said that X-7 “was one to two years away from completion” and could have taken “more time and effort than Disco Elysium.” Furthermore, not only will part of the game's team be laid off, but also collaborators from other projects are among the cuts.

The statement sent by Kompus also confirms that two other games are in development: codenames C4 and M0. Supposedly, M0 would have some relationship with the popular immersive yes from the developer, as its description indicates that it will be a “narrative-based role-playing game”.

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut will be released in MarchDisco Elysium: The Final Cut will be released in March
Source: ZA/UM

Layoffs at Disco Elysium studio could result from poor management

The cancellation of X-7 results in the third project shelved by the company in a span of two years. The sequel to Disco Elysium (Y12) was closed in 2022, while a new science fiction IP was abandoned in 2023.

According to ZA/UM executives, X-7 had been in development for about eight months. Employees indicate that the company experiences poor management, acting “as if there was an enemy”, devaluing veterans of the house and mistreating women's work.

The decision will affect writers, engineers, 3D and 2D artists, production staff, IT engineers and animators from across the company.

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