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Discord “accidentally” boosts YouTube video with over 600 million views



Discord “accidentally” increased the views of a YouTube video to over 600 million and that number continues to grow, and in the process, also appears to have partially disrupted YouTube itself.

On April Fool's Day 2024, Discord announced a new feature for its app, loot boxes. A completely free feature that all users were able to test out that day, essentially offering a handful of cosmetic items, all themed around a clown. The idea being to ridicule those who spend time opening loot boxes in the first place.

However, by adding this new feature, Discord appears to have accidentally increased the views of their loot box announcement video, resulting in a staggering number of views on YouTube.

Software developer and dataminer Marvin Witt was the first to point out how Discord's loot box announcement video reached over 100 million views.

Discord managed to create a working YouTube viewbot in 2024 by playing their loot box announcement trailer on loop in the background of the in-app notification.

In fact, when you opened Discord after loot boxes were added, you would then receive an in-app notification about the new feature, and within that notification was the announcement video. And it seems like with every new user opening their Discord app and seeing the notification, it was adding views to the YouTube video.

However, Witt also indicated that this is most likely an accidental glitch by Discord developers, posting a screenshot of an employee saying: “How does this video get so many views?

Number of views of Discord's Loot boxes YouTube video

Discord video views continue to rise.

But this manipulation seems to have caused malfunctions on the YouTube platform itself since if you visited Discord's YouTube channel a few hours after the publication of this trailer and you sorted their videos by the most popular, it was ranked as the channel's least viewed video, despite the fact that it had more than 500 million views at that time.

However, this video is now well-listed as the most viewed video on Discord's YouTube channel, boasting 628 million views at the time of writing, surpassing some of the most viewed videos on the platform in just 24 hours.

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