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Discover 7 games announced for PlayStation; watch trailers!



RPGs, soulslikes inspired by The Witcher, horror proposals and other new gameplay features can be found in the newest games announced for PlayStation. We've put together a list of seven games that you need to know about after they caught the public's attention at the Future Games Show on Thursday (21).

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Most still do not have a concrete release date, but most of them will arrive on Sony consoles in 2024. Oh, and not all of them are that new, some were just updated by their devs and publishers. To stay up to date, follow the list below to find out a little more about each of them.

New games announced for PlayStation

Tails of Iron 2: Whiskers of Winter (PS4/PS5) — No release date

Tails of Iron 2: Whiskers of Winter, the sequel to the beautiful 2021 game, was revealed at the Future Games Show Spring Showcase. Developed by Odd Bug Studio, the game is an epic 2D RPG with souls-style combat, where you take on the armor of a heroic rat fighting to save your kingdom from an amphibious threat.

Now, facing a troop of bloodthirsty bats, the new protagonist Arlo will have to overcome aerial challenges and a plot inspired by Game of Thrones, with actor Doug Cockle bringing the epic narrator to life. Reminds me a bit of The Witcher and Game of Thrones, doesn't it?

Sky of Tides (PS4/PS5) — End of 2024

Sky of Tides, influenced by Disco Elysium, presents a narrative where every decision impacts the story. With RPG elements, dialogue choices affect character attributes, unlocking conversation options and customizations.

Set in Numen, the game promises an engaging story as Rin seeks to solve mysteries and heal her fractured planet.

Awaken Astral Blade (PS4/PS5) — Launches between July and September

Awaken Astral Blade is an epic Metroidvania with giant monsters, precise platforming and overwhelming magic. Its latest trailer shows protagonist Tania's turbulent journey, revealing her origins as she defeats alien enemies.

Scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2024, the game can be added to consumers' wish lists.

BattleJuice Alchemist (PS4/PS5) — No release date

Continuing with the new games announced for PlayStation, BattleJuice Alchemist, an action and RPG game with Tim Burton-style art, enters early access today (for PC) after the announcement at the Future Games Show Spring Showcase.

In the game, you are Juice, an alchemist facing a demonic infestation in a dark and peculiar environment. The game combines isometric RPG elements and JRPG-style battles, offering a diverse experience for fans of the genre.

Holstin (PS4/PS5) — No release date

Holstin is a psychological horror game that features a retro pixelated aesthetic and a genuinely unsettling atmosphere. Its new trailer, revealed at the Future Games Show, highlights the smooth transition between first and third person in an isolated, haunted environment in a 1990s Polish city.

With references to Project Zomboid, Darkwood and Silent Hill, Holstin promises a psychological horror experience as you explore the city of Jeziorne-Kolonia, affected by a calamity that corrupts the land and its inhabitants.

Simon the Sorcerer — Releases in late 2024

Confirmed for PlayStation but with no clue as to whether it is for PS4 or PS5, the wizard's game returns 30 years after the first release of the franchise.

Launched in 1993, Simon is one of the pioneers of point-and-click adventure games, known for its British humor and setting inspired by the Discworld books. After 14 years since the last release, the game promises a nostalgic and fun experience for fans.

New update for Tchia (PS4/PS5) — Launches during the Brazilian summer

Tchia's update brings new features to celebrate its first anniversary. In addition to being available on PC and PlayStation, the game was confirmed for Nintendo Switch in the Brazilian winter.

With the expansion, the game received eight new Soul Melodies for the ukulele, a new Human Torch power, Acrobatics Mode to perform maneuvers during jumps, and improvements to costumes. Completing the additions, it is now possible to summon the adventurer's boat.

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