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Disney Speedstorm welcomes characters from Inside Out



The new season of Disney Speedstorm is on air, bringing an unprecedented crossover with the Inside Out franchise. “Journey of Emotions” takes the iconic characters from the films to the track and includes more content inspired by Riley’s story.

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According to the studio, Joy (Speedster), Anger (Brawler), Disgust (Trickster), Sadness (Defender) and Fear (Defender) are the main attractions of the eighth season. Of them, only Joy and Sadness are restricted to the premium Golden Pass.

Meanwhile, the Disney Speedstorm update adds 15 new Crew Members and the playable map Riley’s Mind, featuring six unique courses. Anxiety and Ennui, from Inside Out 2, only arrive halfway through the season.


Watch the trailer for Disney Speedstorm: Journey of Emotions below:


Changes to Qualified Races in Disney Speedstorm

In addition to the Inside Out content, some adjustments were made to the game systems. Team Mode arrives in the game and brings the possibility of starting matches between two teams of three players each.

Finally, Qualified Races have been improved and also support Team Mode. Other changes include more incentives through a new progression system and rank point-based rewards.


You can check the full list of changes through this link.

Disney Speedstorm is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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