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DLSS equivalent on PS5 Pro can set 4K resolution



A new analysis of the supposed specifications of the PS5 Pro indicates that the technology equivalent to DLSS on the console could bring benefits to graphical quality. In addition to being compatible with standard PS5 games, it would be capable of increasing the resolution from 1080p to 4K.

This data makes reference to PlayStation Spectral Resolution (PSSR), detailed last week after a major leak. According to Digital Foundry, the upscaling feature can be ported to any existing PS5 game and would allow for quality multipliers with good results.

This functionality would not be the same as backwards compatibility between the new generation console and the PS4, for example. This is because they are limited only to making a previous generation game capable of running on modern machines. However, PSSR must update them on PS5 Pro.

It appears that all games can benefit from PSSR if the developer returns to using them, even if they are on older SDKs. It looks like developers can go back to these games and fix PSSR support without having to update to the SDK.

This is potentially incredible because many of the games out there probably won't receive full updates to the latest SDK. This means you can at least get the PSSR update on the PS5 Pro, if the developer goes back and adds this feature.

Digital Foundry beefs up PS5 Pro specs

The analysts' article also reinforced the leaks that brought the supposed specifications of the PS5 Pro. According to the video above, the updated model will maintain the same 16 GB of GDDR6 memory, but will offer an extra 1.2 GB of RAM for developers.

Higher frame rates, substantially improved image quality and improved RT capabilities – these are what will separate the PS5 Pro from the norm. Assuming there are no more surprises lurking, I'd venture to suggest this will be a more specific offering than the PS4 Pro.

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