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Does Chained Together have a local co-op?



Chained Together is a brand new cooperative platformer, but does it include a local play mode? Here’s everything you need to know.

Chained Together launched on Steam on June 19, 2024. This new cooperative 3D platform game that is already causing a stir among the gaming community and in the streaming world.

The concept of Chained Together is simple. Players start in the depths of Hell and must climb to the surface as quickly as possible. However, the game offers a huge twist: all players are closely chained together, meaning that communication and teamwork are essential to successfully completing each course.

No matter a player’s individual skills, a lagging teammate can completely ruin the game, and a poorly timed or miscalculated jump is just as unforgiving.

Although the game can be played solo, developers Anegar Games designed this title with an emphasis on cooperation and teamwork.

Chained Together is played online, but many of you may be wondering if the game also supports local co-op.

Can you play local co-op in Chained Together?

Yes, Chained Together can be played locally, with local co-op for up to four people at a time.

This means that, as long as you have multiple input devices, you can effectively play as multiple characters from a single screen.

If you’re unable to recruit a full team of four players to play Chained Together, don’t worry, as the game scales to reflect the number of players in each lobby.

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