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Double Exposure highlights Max’s vision in gameplay



Life is Strange: Double Exposure is a bold proposal that puts Max in the eye of the storm of the deep narrative game. The creators’ intention is to give fans “the story they didn’t know they wanted”, as was said in the live broadcast made on the franchise’s channels.

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Deck Nine and Square Enix have been collaborating to bring to life this universe where Max will be present. The developers promise to once again bring a lot of romance, humor, tension and the power to deal with new circumstances based on your choices.

The narrative of Life is Strange: Double Exposure will show Max Caulfield fighting to save his friend Safi, found dead in the snow. When using her powers, she ends up accessing a timeline where her friend is still alive, but is still in serious danger.

The plot will allow players to alternate the knowledge obtained in the two timelines to try to solve every nuance of this mystery. On the other hand, time will not favor Max’s plan, and she will need to race against the clock to solve everything.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure goes on pre-order on PS Store

With three editions available for pre-order on the PS Store, Life is Strange: Double Exposure is now on pre-sale and can be purchased in advance for up to R$339.50. Find out more here!

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