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Dragon Age creator “not interested” in many novels



David Gaider, creator of the Dragon Age franchise and director of previous titles, commented on the latest news related to The Veilguard that points to the possibility of interacting with all companions. The developer believes that this is not a bad thing, but analyzed the approach and explained why previous games did not have this option.

According to Gaider, the romance with all companions is not surprising “considering Baldur’s Gate 3” which introduced this mechanic and was very well received. However, the developer believes that novels transform characters’ stories and arcs and not all of them can be interesting for the player’s narrative.

The Dragon Age writers eventually realized that as soon as you make a character romantic, it limits the type of character they can be and the types of stories they can tell. They are torn between their romantic arc and the need to ultimately be engaging.

Gaider pointed out this reason for Varric not being a love option in other games. Apparently, the team led by him chose to emphasize its narrative and not divide it as a novel for the player.

Finally, the dev said that he also didn’t like the mechanics in Baldur’s Gate 3 as he felt that all of the group’s individual problems and dilemmas would be easily abandoned if the main character “blinked wrong”.

So while I’m not personally interested in the change in approach to Dragon Age The Veilguard, if they unapologetically lean into it like Baldur’s Gate 3 did, that would be fine. It’s a legitimate approach, as I said, and many fans will be glad and happy about it. Which, in the end, isn’t a bad thing.

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