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Dragon Ball FighterZ for PS5 has trophies found on PSN



It hasn't been long since Bandai Namco said it had news to share about the Dragon Ball FighterZ PS5 port. Apparently, the release date is very close, after all, the trophies for the game can already be found on PSN.

Expectations are also high around the addition of features such as rollback netcode, which will be implemented in the PS4 version in a free update. The full list appeared on the exophase portal, but there are no changes to the objectives compared to the last generation edition.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ for PS5 - Goku Gohan and Goten launched a kamehameha

Dragon Ball FighterZ for PS5 doesn't have a date yet, but testing is underway

Before Dragon Ball FighterZ for PS5 and Xbox Series was released, Bandai Namco said, through Tomoko Hiroki, the game's producer, that it has been promoting gameplay tests with the community to put the quality of resources through more rigorous experimentation. Apparently everything went well:

We've kept you waiting for a long time for the implementation of this new feature, as well as the versions of Dragon Ball FighterZ for PS5 and Xbox Series. We are making final adjustments for the launch and will announce the date via the official website and social media as soon as they are ready.

Excited to play the new version of the game?

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