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Dragon Ball Sparking Zero could arrive at the end of 2024



Jun Furutani, producer of Dragon Ball Sparking Zero, spoke about the game's long-awaited release date. According to him, the game is being planned to arrive at the end of 2024 or will be released in 2025 — the developers are in no rush to complete the project.

Furutani confirmed this information during a live broadcast on Sofian Le GEEK's YouTube channel. Responding to questions from the interviewer and chat, he did not deviate from the topic and may have answered the doubts of many fans of the franchise who are waiting for the title.

As explained, the precise date has not yet been defined due to the efforts made by the developers. The group understands that it is not worth launching Dragon Ball Sparking Zero incomplete and in a hurry just to satisfy the community and leave the quality to be desired.

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero (5) - Vegeta cursed worm SSJ GodDragon Ball Sparking Zero (5) - Vegeta cursed worm SSJ God

Furutani also said he is keeping an eye on feedback shared on social media and in Bandai Namco's email. Apparently, this game promises to surprise fans of the Goku saga, huh?

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