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Dragon Ball Sparking Zero may be without split screen



Live on Sofian Le Geek's channel, Jun Furutani, producer of Dragon Ball Sparking Zero, spoke about various topics involving the next big game in the franchise. One of them could even make people upset. Apparently, the game will not have split-screen mode because of the manufacturers of the PS5 and Xbox Series.

According to Furutani, local multiplayer, missing from game pages, will not be present due to Sony and Microsoft policies. As he explained, the companies would be making it difficult to introduce the function to supposedly encourage the sale of more consoles on the market.

The dev didn't make it clear whether this decision is permanent. As pointed out by the producer, this is still under negotiation, but publishers continue to show some resistance to the method. So, don't expect to share the screen with your visitors to relive the nostalgic games in Dragon Ball Sparking Zero.

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero - Goku in his classic battle stanceDragon Ball Sparking Zero - Goku in his classic battle stance

The latest news about the title confirmed a robust cast of characters, with around 164 fighters. So far, Bandai Namco has not released a release date for the game. Excited to play this one?

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