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Dragon Ball Super: Chapter 103 has the perfect title to honor Akira Toriyama



While chapter 103 of the manga Dragon Ball Super is due to be released soon, fans were recently able to get a first glimpse of this next chapter, and in particular its title, echoing the tragic disappearance of the famous Akira Toriyama.

Announced just a week ago, the death of Akira Toriyama was a real shock for fans around the world. A true legend in the world of manga, he was mainly known for Dragon Ball, a saga that rocked an entire generation. The mangaka suffered from a brain tumor according to one of his former assistants, and it was on March 1 that he breathed his last, then aged 68.

Raised to the rank of legend long before his death, Toriyama leaves behind a universe as rich as it is popular, having given birth to a franchise which still has many years ahead of it. Because on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Dragon Ballfans will soon be able to discover a brand new anime, called Dragon Ball DAIMA.

A universe which also continues to be developed on the manga side, since fans can find the famous Z Fighters in Dragon Ball Superwhich is none other than the continuation of Dragon Ball. A sequel proposed by Toyotarō, and which was until then under the supervision of Toriyama himself. And while chapter 103 of the manga is due out soon, fans were recently able to get a glimpse of the next chapter, which will be released next week in Japan in the new issue of the magazine V-Jump.

The title of Dragon Ball Super chapter 103 perfectly pays tribute to Toriyama

It is therefore on the official website of Dragon Ball that we can find a first glimpse of chapter 103 of Dragon Ball Super. In fact, each month the site offers the opportunity to discover in advance the drafts of the first pages created by Toyotarō. We can then see the title of this next chapter, entitled “A legacy for the future”.

draft of chapter 103 of the Dragon Ball Super manga

The chapter in question therefore follows the last events that occurred in the manga, where we could see an epilogue which continued the plot beyond the end of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022), the animated film having been entitled to its adaptation in paper format. The story therefore resumes with Goku who, feeling an explosion of Ki caused by Gohan's new transformation, will decide to join his son to test the latter's new power.

A title which therefore mainly refers to the father/son duel between Goku and Gohan, but which could also echo the disappearance of the mangaka, in the sense that it is Toyotarō who is now in charge of the future of the universe Dragon Ball and who will take up the torch after Toriyama. Chapter 103 is also billed as being the point where “the SUPER HERO arc reaches its dramatic climax”, which suggests that we are likely coming to the end of this epilogue and that a new arc could begin soon.

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