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Dragon's Dogma 2: microtransactions and performance are annoying



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Check out some of the complaints:

“Microtransactions in a single-player game are unacceptable in themselves, but forcing microtransactions to the point where you have to pay to change your character's appearance is practically a situation where Capcom uses your character as a hostage against you,” wrote The Law.

“69 minutes played, 2 badges (sic) from beyond, an absurdly horrible performance, the screen looks like a light show that out of nowhere something turns green and out of nowhere something turns blue and flashes white across the map. It's incredible how someone launches a game like that and charges you 300.00 for it”, published Marilandia.

“Unfortunately the gameplay promises a lot and is fun, just like Dragon's Dogma 1, however it is not possible to play more than 15 minutes and the game crashes and generates a crash report”, said Cachorro Loco.

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