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Dragon's Dogma 2 Players Take Extreme Measures to Boost Their FPS



Dragon's Dogma 2 is facing serious performance issues on PC, and players are taking matters into their own hands to fix them, like with NPC eliminations. insignificant “.

Dragon's Dogma 2 has just been released, delivering a sequel to a title much loved by fans after twelve years of waiting. The reviews are also very positive and promising about the future of this sequel.

Yet what's drawing attention at the moment are its performance issues on all platforms, even high-end PCs. Indeed, the latter struggle to obtain a high and stable FPS.

While waiting for patches to arrive in the future, players have already developed their own methods to boost the game's performance before it even launches, including creating a list of insignificant NPCs to eliminate.

On Reddit, a Dragon's Dogma 2 player discusses the idea of ​​a “ community created list » of NPCs that are acceptable to kill. The idea comes from the theory that NPCs are very demanding on CPU, and since they don't respawn unless players choose to, the community organizes to identify those who are of little importance.

For starters, I guess any NPC that isn't a trader can clearly disappear “, said one player. He then continued obnoxiously: “ Guards can also disappear. Who will they protect after we finish optimizing the game? Exactly “.

The rest of the discussion takes a similar route, with players exchanging strategies like eliminating NPCs once quests are completed.

Others noted the absurdity of this idea, while another player shared how much the idea reminded him of Act 3 of Baldur's Gate 3. Indeed, a difficult portion of the game led many players to down NPCs as is the case here.

Patches and updates will definitely be coming very soon, so be careful if you decide to take part in this Dragon's Dogma 2 NPC killing.

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