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Dragon's Dogma 2: this option hoped for by players arrives on Steam



In an apology message on Steam, Capcom confirmed that Dragon's Dogma 2 players on Steam will have access to the “New Game” option after facing strong disappointment.

Dragon's Dogma 2 is finally available, over a decade after the original game's release, and while it was well-received everywhere, it arrived with issues like poor performance on PC.

Another problem concerns the possibility of starting a new game, an impossible thing which has frustrated players. That's why Capcom posted an apology message on Steam on March 22, mentioning that they are working on adding a “New Game” option soon.

The developers said: “ We are planning to add a feature to the Steam version of the game that will allow players who are already playing to restart the game. We will announce more details as soon as possible “.

Dragon's Dogma 2 screenshot

At the time of writing this article, no specific release date for this future update has been announced. This news, however, should reassure Steam players who desperately want to start from scratch.

However, nothing has been mentioned regarding a new game feature on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. The reason could be a workaround to have multiple saves simultaneously on these consoles.

The post also addresses other ongoing issues related to crashes, bugs, poor performance on PC, and paid DLC.

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