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Dreadwolf could be released later this year



During the Game Mass podcast, journalist Jeff Grubb, a reliable industry source, revealed that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf could be released later this year.

According to sources related to the title, it should arrive on consoles not long after its details are revealed – which is expected to happen in the first half of the year. The expectation is that the launch window will be towards the end of the year – probably between October and December.

According to Grubb, employees at the studio behind the work are confident that this goal will be achieved. However, of course, everything is still in the realm of rumors, and with the uncertainty surrounding the gaming industry at the beginning of the year, nothing is guaranteed.

Little concrete things have been revealed so far about the game, but one of them is pretty cool. On the studio's blog, the developers provided details about the game's skill tree. Each “node” acquired will grant significant energy attributes. Thus, it will be possible to seek constitutions that do not ignore the hero's fundamental improvements.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has been playable since the end of 2022

The game is in the hands of BioWare and has not yet had a release date announced by the company. The solution is to wait for the studio to bring more updates in the future about this promising project. It is worth mentioning here that the game has already passed the alpha stage and is playable from start to finish. The milestone is important and was reached in October 2022.

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