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DREDGE celebrates anniversary, makes donations and prepares news



DREDGE, an indie maritime horror game, is turning one year old and Black Salt Games is celebrating with a philanthropic action. The studio donated US$100,000 to the New Zealand Whale and Dolphin Trust organizations, which are NGOs dedicated to caring for animals in the sea.

Thanks to all the players around the world, we are in a position to give back to the environment that inspired our game. We are just beginning to understand the vital role that ocean health plays in our broader climate. Protecting these environments and their inhabitants is not just about preservation; it’s about actively combating climate change.

At the end of the teaser, you can see that a small boat approaches an oil refinery. As the vessel gets closer, the installation's lights come on. The executive director of Black Salt Games, Nadia Thorne, assured that “more adventures will arrive this year”.

Dredge is successful on all platforms

The game is available for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC and, according to the information, the title registered one million units sold. On the PS Store, it is possible to purchase the game for PS4 and PS5 for R$124.50.

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