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Dune 2: the director assures that the first film is not necessary to understand the sequel



The director of Dune 2Denis Villeneuve, reassured fans by revealing that it is not necessary to have (re)watched the first part of the adaptation to understand its sequel.

Dune: Part Twothe direct sequel to Dune of 2021 and conclusion of the adaptation of the first novel in the saga by Frank Herbert, has caused a worldwide sensation since its release.

Between a rave review and a box office that is off to a flying start, this second part seems to have convinced the public. Paul Atréides' fight had already united spectators in 2021, and the adventure alongside Chani had long been teased as being even more epic.

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Faced with all this enthusiasm, some might feel overwhelmed. Because generally, to see a sequel, it is better to have already benefited from the introduction to the universe concerned in its first opus. To which the director has his own answer: according to him, no need to have seen Dune to go see Dune 2 !

According to the director of Duneyou can watch the second part before the first

In an interview with Moviefone ahead of the American release of Dune: Part TwoDenis Villeneuve explained that anyone could start with the second part without being lost in the plot.

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In my eyes, it was important that the film stood alone, so that viewers who had not seen Dune could still enjoy Part Two. So we left enough clues at the beginning of the story to make it self-sufficient.

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The director explained that he wanted to divide the adaptation of Frank Herbert's novel into two parts to be able to focus on the different cultures of the lore of Dunenotably that of the Fremen: “I wanted to have the time to explore the culture (Fremen), see the rituals, their way of praying, eating, training, living and surviving in the desert.

It goes without saying that the first film is not negligible: almost as long as the Second Part, Dune doesn't just establish a setting and a plot. As the filmmaker still wants to point out: Obviously, the trip is better having seen the first film, but I tried to do it this way.

Dune: Part Two was released in theaters on February 28, 2024.

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