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EA also announces mass layoffs and cuts 5% of the team



You know that estimate of seven thousand layoffs in the gaming industry in 2024? Well, time to add almost 700 more people to the list. EA is yet another gaming giant that will “reform” its workforce, laying off staff by 5%, which means that around 670 employees will lose their jobs.

The process must be gradual and will take place until the end of this quarter, that is, in the last days of March. According to Games Industry, the company's CEO, Andrew Wilson, issued an internal statement to explain what happened. According to him, EA “very considered all options to try to limit impacts on teams”.

However, this is part of a repositioning of the company in the market. The idea now is to focus more on what works than making bets. Wilson commented that the brand is “moving away from the development of future licensed intellectual properties that it does not believe will be successful in our changing industry.”

It is worth remembering that, almost exactly a year ago, in March 2023, EA carried out another major layoff, terminating 775 employees.

Iron Man and Black Panther remain in development at EA

In addition to sports, the company's main external licenses in recent years have had Star Wars and Marvel titles, and games based on Black Panther and Iron Man are said to be in development. (A representative confirmed to Games Industry that both are still in production).

“This increased focus allows us to drive creativity, accelerate innovation, and focus our efforts on our biggest opportunities — including our proprietary IPs, sports, and massive online communities — to deliver the entertainment gamers want today and tomorrow.”added Wilson.

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