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EA FC 24 FC Pro Live Tracker: Tracking card improvements



EA FC 24 Ultimate Team fans have received a brand new promo called FC Pro Live. This new concept focuses on the game's esports scene, and maps from this event are eligible for upgrades. Check out our FC Pro Live improvements tracker.

While EA FC 24 has delivered some familiar events for fans, the developers are also introducing many new concepts this year. FC Pro Live has made its way into EA FC 24 as a new promo, diversifying the special cards in the game alongside recurring TOTWs and Hero SBCs.

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As the name suggests, FC Pro Live brings live maps to EA FC 24, eligible for upgrades. Each FC Pro Live card is associated with a professional EA FC 24 esports player, and upgrades will be based on the player's performance.

So check out our FC Pro Live upgrade tracker to find out if your card is likely to receive a rating increase.

EA FC 24: Tracking FC Pro Live Improvements

EA FC 24 players who own FC Pro Live cards can take a look at our Upgrade Tracker to see if their players will receive increases.

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The improvements were based on the FC Pro event, where 20 professional EA FC 24 players competed against each other in a competition. The competition is now over, and Paulo 'PHzin' Henrique has been crowned the winner.

So here's our EA FC 24 FC Pro Live improvements tracker so you can stay up to date with all the stat increases.

The FC Pro Open competition will determine which FC Pro Live players will receive an upgrade in EA FC 24. The competition began on November 27, 2023 and consists of eight weeks of group stage play, followed by the playoffs on February 3, 2024, to determine which player will receive the latest upgrade.

FC Pro Live EA FC 24 Map ImprovementsEA SPORTS

FC Pro Live cards are subject to various upgrades.

Matches will typically be played on Mondays, with a scheduled break over the holiday period. As the image above explains, FC Pro Live cards can gain both Rating and Playstyle upgrades.

  • 3 Points: +1 IF improvement
  • 6 Points: 1 Style of play
  • 10 Points: +1 IF improvement
  • Qualification: +1 IF improvement + 1 Playstyle
  • Victory: +1 IF improvement

The Qualification upgrade refers to the eight players who will qualify to compete in a single elimination bracket to crown the champion.

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