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EA hires ex-military for new Battlefield



Electronic Arts has the “Hiring Our Heroes” program, an initiative to promote the transition of war veterans to civilian life through work and community. Through the program, the company hired two former soldiers to bring “knowledge and skills that will improve the company” in the new Battlefield.

Aaron Johnson served in Special Forces as a sergeant and small unit tactical instructor. Now, he is an Associate Game Manager at Ripple Effect, a studio that is working on supporting the next Battlefield. He is a big fan of the franchise and revealed “I cried a lot when I received the news that I am part of the team”.

Madison Daugherty is a former military officer who has served in Romania, Bulgaria and Germany. After a three-month partnership with Hiring Our Heroes providing realistic feedback on military topics, she was hired full-time as product manager for the Battefield franchise at Ripple Effect.

Aaron Johnson and Madison Daugherty.

The two new hires are already collaborating with the creation of the new Battlefield and, according to EA, are “raising the quality of the production teams”.

New Battlefield will be a “tremendous game as a service”

EA’s executive director is already playing the new Battlefield and, according to him, “the next title will be a tremendous game as a service”. Know more!

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