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EA Sports FC 25 should focus on player intelligence



An exclusive investigation by the website Sports Gamers Online indicates that the developers of EA Sports FC 25 have already developed a priority for the football game that will be launched this year: revolutionizing its artificial intelligence system. The objective is to show a great evolution in the movements without the ball of players who are not being controlled by the player.

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According to the page, the AI ​​will now be able to identify danger coming from imminent counterattacks and adjust its defensive tactics depending on the situation and past events – for those who like to say that defense is already automatic in the current game, just imagine what they will think with this new development.

But the information is in line with what was revealed as the main basis of FC 24 – movement, visuals and game. Since last year, EA has been highlighting the investment in artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to bring new moves, positioning and animations to the game.

An interesting detail that the author of the article highlights is that the changes will not only be for the 1×1 modes of EA Sports FC 25, such as the beloved Ultimate Team, but also for the Pro Clubs dispute, the 11×11 of the game. soccer. Hello, Casimiro!

EA Sports FC 25 is still a long way off

Obviously, this is still in the realm of rumors, so it's best to be cautious. Furthermore, EA Sports FC 25 will certainly go through many adjustments before being released. After all, as happens every year, it should only arrive there around September or October.

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