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Early 2024 is dominated by the relevance of Japanese games



It was no surprise to anyone that several Japanese games would be released at the beginning of 2024, but it has been very interesting to observe how well most of them have been received by the public and critics. And we're not just talking about JRPGs, huh!

Over the past few weeks, Persona 3 Reload broke the record for simultaneous players on Steam, as did Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, when it became the biggest in the series in the same category on the PC platform. Next, Granblue Fantasy: Relink had an incredible 100,000 players adventuring at the same time.

Granblue Fantasy: RelinkGranblue Fantasy: Relink
Source: Cygames

It is also worth highlighting here how the so-called “PC Pokémon”, Palworld, grew in relevance amid all this. Available for Xbox and computers, the title reached 12 million copies sold and generated a lot of laughs on social media with the “Pals” here in Brazil.

Other Japanese games like Tekken 8 also contributed to the success of games coming from the region. On Metacritic, it boasts a score of 90 points based on 80 reviews for the PS5 version — and it also did well on our website.

Have you played any of the games mentioned above? Should test it, huh? Japan's talent factory seems to have arrived with everything for 2024.

Success of “Japanese game catalog” will grow soon

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth “is ready to be one of the best games of 2024”. Would this be the next game on the list of Japanese games to emerge with good sales and ratings in the industry? Discover more details here!

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