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Echo of Ada is released



Bandai Namco has released a new promotional clip for the shooter Synduality: Echo of Ada. The video consists of a musical trailer and provides more details about the game through CGI and anime-style scenes.

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Created by the group R×R, the song “Departure” shows how a “song that never disappears” is capable of “transcending the eras”. According to the developers, the track can be heard in the game and in the anime Synduality Noir, which premiered on TV Tokyo in mid-2023.

Check out the music trailer for Synduality: Echo of Ada below:

After Amasia's collapse, humans continued to sing, from nest to nest, to guide humanity and revive hope through the dangers and challenges of this new life on Earth.

Join the forces and stay tuned, as this music can lead you to friends… or enemies.

Synduality: Echo of Ada is in development for PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

Synduality: Echo of Ada trailer shows off customization styles

Synduality: Echo of Ada's mechas, known as Craddlecoffins, will be highly customizable. While collecting resources and exploring the collapsing world, players will be able to create their own machines through unique parts and cosmetics. Click here to learn more.

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