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Edens Zero game is still in development



Konami confirmed in the most recent issue of Shonen Sunday magazine that the Edens Zero game remains in development. The title was announced at the 2020 Tokyo Game Show and has not received any further details since then.

The magazine pointed out that the Edens Zero game will feature an original story and immersive battles. The genre is a third-person action RPG with open-world exploration across multiple planets.


For now, there is little concrete information about the project, but fans who were waiting for the adaptation can rest assured because Konami has guaranteed: there has been no cancellation.

Anime Edens Zero.

The platforms for the Edens Zero game were not mentioned, but the title is expected to be available for PlayStation and Xbox.

Before the Edens Zero game

Edens Zero is a manga series created in 2018 and had its first animated season in 2021 adapted by Netflix.


The story tells the adventure of Shiki Granbell, an orphan who was raised by sentient animatronics in an abandoned theme park. It is when Rebecca and Happy appear in Shiki’s life that the trio comes together to explore the universe in search of the supreme goddess called “Mother”.

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