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Elden Ring creator has fun with community theories



Hidetaka Miyazaki is apparently the only person (along with George RR Martin) capable of understanding the lore behind Elden Ring as a whole. Obviously, those who “just” play and discover the history of this universe through the items like to discuss details about the narrative with the community. Well, the dev watches these videos.

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As Miyazaki said in an interview with GameSpot, you can’t watch everything, but he has fun following the fans’ understanding of the plot. According to the president of FromSoftware, this content was made with this intention, to let fans themselves “fill in the gaps”.

Therefore, he understands that these videos are very objective and serve as an interesting way to make things make more sense within Elden Ring. Check out part of his statement:

I watch them. Of course, I can’t watch them all, but I enjoy watching them and, in fact, I enjoy this process. I find it quite amusing to see how people piece together their own theories or working theories based on a lot of the fragmented information the game provides. Some may be derived from in-game hints, others are completely theorized. But regardless, for me, I find it quite enjoyable to see the different interpretations that fans and audiences have.

On Friday (21), another interesting piece of Elden Ring history will be released with Shadow of the Erdtree. In other words, it won’t take long for fans to produce more content for Miyzaki to watch.

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