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Elden Ring: How to display markers for new and recent items



Elden Ring update 1.12, accompanying the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, added a handy feature to highlight new and recent items in your inventory. Here’s how it works and how to enable this setting.

With dozens of unique weapons to find, not to mention countless armors and much more, managing your inventory in Elden Ring can often be a headache. Just look away for two seconds to miss the loot a boss just dropped.

Recognizing this difficulty, the Elden Ring developers at FromSoftware have now made things a little easier. As part of the massive update 1.12 on June 20, 2024 to accompany the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, a number of practical gameplay and play comfort changes have been implemented.

Among the new features, one that is easy to miss in the menus stands out. Now you can automatically mark new and recent items in your inventory to make sure you don’t lose sight of them. Here’s how this setting works.

Activating markers for new and recent Elden Ring items is simple: just press the start button on your controller or the ESC key on your keyboard. From there, navigate to the View menu and scroll down. Simply enable the two new settings, one to mark new objects and the other to show the recent objects tab. Once activated, you are ready.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Enter the Elden Ring menu by pressing Start or ESC
  • Navigate to Display settings
  • Enable “Mark new objects”
  • Enable “Show recent items tab”
Menu in Elden Ring

Click here to see the exact settings to change in the Elden Ring menus.

That’s all you have to do. In just a few seconds you can start enjoying these new features in Elden Ring.

As for new items, you will now see a yellow exclamation point appear in the upper right corner of anything that has just entered your inventory for the first time.

As for the recent items tab, it opens a whole new section of your inventory. Here you will find a short list of the items you have obtained most recently. This can be a mix of equipment, consumables… To put it simply: everything you’ve picked up in the last hour will be visible here.

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