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Elden Ring in theaters? Game creator approves idea



Have you ever thought about watching a movie inspired by souls games at the cinema? Well, if not yet, now is the time to let your imagination run wild. Hidetaka Miyazaki, head of FromSoftware, was asked about a possible adaptation of Elden Ring and did not close the door on the idea.

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In an interview with GameSpot, Miyazaki answered whether or not he was interested in taking his games to other types of media. According to him, the focus is the “interactive” market, but he has no intention of saying that “there will never be a film”.

I don’t know if I can say ‘we’ or ‘maybe I’ in this case, but I have no intention of saying ‘there will never be a film’ or denying all possibilities for adaptations. I simply think and communicate better with audiences through an interactive medium.

That’s where my focus went. When I think about how to best communicate, it is through this interactivity. There are many others who can create much better content in a linear format than we can.

elden ringelden ring
Source: FromSoftware

It’s worth remembering that, while Elden Ring and Dark Souls continue in games, Bloodborne could be the first FromSoftware title to appear on the big screen. In November 2023, rumors indicated that Sony had already directed the project to a producer and screenwriter.

Elden Ring may have unlimited co-op in the future

After the release of the DLC, Elden Ring may receive more multiplayer support. Miyazaki isn’t opposed to a completely unlimited co-op experience, but his title is designed so that help is limited to areas and bosses. Click here to learn more.

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