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Elden Ring manga author is off to play the DLC



One Piece, Naruto and other manga published in Japan usually go on hiatuses, periods where there are no chapters published. Elden Ring will go through this situation and the reason can be considered worthy by those who like the game. Nikiichi Tobita will pause work to… play Shadow of the Erdtree.

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The DLC will be released on Friday (21) and the edition expected for next month on July 19 will be left for August. This way, anyone waiting for more chapters of Road to the Erdtree can stay immersed in the expansion for longer over the next 60 days.

To publicize the news, he published a message on X and a drawing of a character lying down and dreaming about the giant glowing worm from Shadow of the Erdtree. Look:

So today’s update is episode 45 of “ELDEN RING: The Road to the Erdtree”. Thank you very much!! Also, I apologize, but we will be taking a break for DLC updates.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree promises to entertain RPG fans!

Shadow of the Erdtree seems to have everything to attract the attention of RPG fans. With the notes and opinions released on Metacritic, the expansion will apparently feature interesting and challenging features, just the way fans of FromSoftware’s works like it. Check out!

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