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Elden Ring patch 1.12 adds Torrent to the game’s final boss fight



Elden Ring patch 1.12 adds the ability for players to summon their Torrent mount during the final fight.

In Souls games, boss fights are always the hardest to overcome, and those in Elden Ring are among the most demanding combat scenarios. Even top streamers like Kai Cenat had to spend hours preparing to defeat enemies like Mohg and Malenia.

The game’s final boss, the Beast of Elden, is particularly difficult due to its imposing size and powerful abilities. Thus, players have long requested a feature allowing them to summon Torrent, the Spectral Steed, to dodge attacks and move more easily in the area.

Now, the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC has been released with the new patch 1.12 which brings changes to the base game, and players can summon the Spectral Steed during the fight against the Beast of Elden.

Shortly after the patch went live, players rushed to share clips of their encounter with the Beast of Elden while riding Torrent.

One of these players said: “ I always suspected Torrent was going to be part of this fight “.

Another added: “ Damn, I’m surprised they listened to the complaints. I already loved this fight. It’s good that Torrent ends your journey with you “.

A third player said: “ Finally ! The worst part of this fight is chasing the Beast of Elden from one end of the arena to the other all the time. “.

A fourth wrote: “ I’ve completed the game two more times in the last two weeks for achievements, with friends doing the same. This aspect of combat had us banging our heads against the walls. Glad future parts have it “.

In addition to being able to summon the Spectral Steed during the final battle, players can also access five new hairstyles, activate or deactivate individual Summoning Logs, and much more with this new Elden Ring update 1.12.

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