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Elden Ring players horrified by this disgusting detail found in Shadow of the Erdtree



Shadow of the Erdtree revealed lore in abundance, with one of its revelations so gruesome that it horrified fans.


In Elden Ring, Jars are enemies ranging from the size of a dog to the size of a building, which have arms and legs similar to rocks. The origins of this race were only briefly touched upon in Elden Ring before the DLC’s release, for those following Jarrebourg’s story.

However, in Shadow of the Erdtree, Belurat Dungeon explicitly reveals what’s inside these walking, talking pots, and it’s not a pretty sight.


The Unshard will witness a pile of living flesh crawling out of the unsealed jars. NPC dialogue reveals that prisoners were forced into these jars against their willprobably as punishment for their crimes.

A mass of living flesh crawls out of an unsealed jar

A pile of living flesh crawls out of an unsealed jar

Players reacted as expected to these revelations. On a Reddit thread regarding the dungeon content, one user didn’t mince words. “ Yeah seriously, what the hell was that. These things were disgusting and I’m walking around with parts of Alexander equipped “.

This shit was disgusting and terrifying. Especially the NPC who begged not to be pushed into it “. added a response. “ The first time I saw a jar on its side and this thing coming out of it. I was really a little repelled. Especially since there is a ghost who can be heard begging not to go in “, reiterated another.


Striking visual scenes like this can be found in every corner of Elden Ring’s unique expansion. Anyone exploring the Shadow Realm can check out our map fragment location guide and how to defeat a recurring mini boss to make their lives easier in FromSoftware’s unforgiving masterpiece.



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