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Ellie's romantic arc in The Last of Us Part II didn't come from director Neil Druckmann's head. Always treated as a game much more about hate than love, this sequence has a very heavy atmosphere, but which can be broken, from time to time, with some cute scenes between the protagonist and Dina.

And this only happened, like other romantic relationship parts of the title, thanks to the addition of writer Halley Gross to the development team. According to Druckmann, this touch of intimacy between characters was fundamental in helping him evolve in the construction of the plot. Especially a certain pregnancy…

“These are areas where I felt most uncomfortable writing. After the first day, she told me she went home and told her husband that 'I think I just got Ellie's girlfriend pregnant.' Because that was her big idea on the first day, and it had a ripple effect and really added a lot to the story,” said the executive, in Grounded II, a documentary about the game’s production.

If you haven't watched it yet, check it out:

Neil Druckmann also confirmed at the end of the film that a third chapter of The Last of Us could happen. Look here!

The Last of Us Part II would be open world and “kind of Bloodborne”

Did you know that The Last of Us Part II would initially be open world and have a Bloodborne feel? We're not saying that it would become a soulslike with more complicated gameplay, but Naughty Dog wanted to implement melee combat mechanics into the title and FromSoftware's game would serve as inspiration – both for gameplay and exploration. Click here to check out more about this.

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