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Endurance Motorsport Series announced by Nacon



Nacon Connect, an event held this Thursday (29), brought several news about what Nacon has been preparing. One of them is Endurance Motorsport Series, another racing game from the publisher, confirmed for PS5, Xbox Series and PC at some point in 2025.

In the reveal trailer, it is possible to see silhouettes of beautiful vehicles, while they turn on their headlights. Furthermore, the phrase “race like a driver, win like a team” stands out in the content. Watch:

According to Nacon, Endurance Motorsport Series will simulate the experience of teamwork on the tracks: it's not enough to be a good driver, you also need to play the role of a race engineer.

The publisher promises a unique gameplay, where the way the player adapts his decisions and strategy to the events that occur on the circuit (accidents, weather changes, etc.) is as important as his skill at the wheel. Find the perfect balance between both to beat your opponents.

Endurance Motorsport Series is developed at KT Engine

Finally, Nacon states that the game is developed on the KT Engine, designed specifically for motorsport simulations. With this, the company guarantees a realistic driving system and faithful reproduction of several real-world tracks.

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