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Epic Games boss rebels against fees charged on Steam



Shortly before founding its online store, Epic Games expressed outrage at the platform fees charged by Steam. This took place amid antitrust conflicts with Apple and would be an attempt to mobilize together to make the market more accessible for developers.

According to a report from GameDiscoverCo, an email sent by CEO Tim Sweeney to Valve president Gabe Newell criticized the 30% fee Valve charged per sale. According to Sweeney, Newell and his team would be “idiots” for not trying to take down Apple.

Right now, you idiots are telling the world that the strong and powerful receive special conditions, while 30% are for the little ones.

We will all face a protracted battle if Apple tries to maintain its monopoly, cutting backroom deals with big publishers to keep them quiet.

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Epic Games tried to prevent “unsustainable” business model

The Epic Games executive's plan was to offer “all developers a better deal”. This would prevent the iPhone owner from betting on a model considered “totally unsustainable” and could largely harm the market.

Since the launch of the Epic Games Store in 2018, the platform only charges 12% fees for sales. Meanwhile, developers who put their games in the catalog collect the remaining 88%.

legal dispute between epic games and apple
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