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Epic Mickey 3? Creator has great ideas in mind



Warren Spector, creator of Epic Mickey, said he has “high-level” ideas if a third game gets off the ground. However, in a post on LinkedIn, he confessed that it was practically impossible to deliver the project for a sequel with his current responsibilities.

After the Rebrushed version was announced for current platforms — PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series — Spector made a post on the social network where he commented on the latest release and was asked by one of his followers: “ And if I asked you, would you do Epic 3?” The answer was:

Epic Mickey 3 - creator talks about ideas around a third game on LinkedIn

I would love to make Epic Mickey 3, but I have a day job that would make that impossible. I actually have a high-level idea of ​​what I would do in a third game. Don't worry, the project I'm working on is really cool and OtherSide is looking to hire for that project and another one we're working on.

OtherSide Entertainment is a studio founded by Spector himself. This project is still a mystery, however, it doesn't seem to be something involved with Disney's main mascot.

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