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Even after 5 years, World War Z continues to receive news



On April 16, 2019, World War Z was released and, since then, the shooter has received news, updates and lots of content. Support continues to this day with improvements and additions, such as update 1.55 that recently became available.

Among the new features, there are six new mutators for Horde Mode, such as Gladiators, Banshee, Throw a Coin, Sinusite and Anthrax (both in Challenge Mode) and No Deliverables.

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Players will also notice four new prestige perks for all classes and modifications for a variety of weapons, such as the Guardian for the S890 and the Soul Collector for the HW416, as well as other additions.

The update also brought fixes, such as bugs in combat, invisible collisions and moments where players got stuck when climbing inclined areas.

All notes and more details about the World War Z update can be found here!

New Horde Mode arrived in January in World War Z

It's been a short time since the launch of Horde Mode XL in World War Z. The content brought an unprecedented mode with additional challenges and new tools to deal with the undead. Know more!

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