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Even with layoffs, Horizon online was not canceled



Officially confirmed by Guerrilla Games in 2022, but somewhat disappeared since then, the online project based on Horizon quickly came to mind as one of the possible titles to be canceled by Sony after the 900 layoffs announced by the company last Tuesday.

However, it seems that even though the studio responsible was one of those affected by the layoff, the game remains in development. Journalist Jason Schreier, who has been one of the main sources of information about the games industry for a long time, talked about it on social media.

When publishing that Sony canceled the Twisted Metal game-as-a-service project, he was questioned by fans about Horizon online. Short and thick, he replied that “no”, this was not one of the titles discontinued by the Japanese giant. In other words, who knows, maybe we won’t have any news about him soon, right?

What about Horizon’s MMO, “Project Skyline”?

At the beginning of the year, some rumors emerged about a Horizon MMO, aimed at PC and mobile devices, which even generated some controversy among PlayStation fans. The person responsible for releasing this information about the Horizon MMO confirmed that NCSoft and Sony want to make a game capable of captivating the audience with a very fun proposal. Find out more here!

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