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Experts reveal innovations in the new PS5 Pulse headphones



Anyway, the new line of PlayStation headphones is hitting the market. The Pulse Elite, headset, and Pulse Explore, earbuds, are great new features in which Sony invested a lot in development. This is explained in a beautiful video with audio experts talking about their innovations.

There are still no confirmations about their availability in Brazil, but the Explore is already being sold in some countries, while the Elite will appear in stores in selected regions during the month of February, on the 21st.

“Join audio experts from the development team at PlayStation, Audeze and Insomniac Games as they explore what makes the PULSE Elite™ wireless headset and PULSE Explore™ wireless headphones so special. From audiophile-favorite planar magnetic drivers to ultra-low latency wireless technology, discover how the cutting-edge technology in the new headset and headphones enables a next-generation gaming audio experience,” says the video description.

Check out the content below:

Although they have not yet been made official in Brazil, both products have pages in Portuguese on the official PlayStation website: Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore. It's worth taking a look and keeping in mind everything that each one can offer, to take advantage when they are sold here (if that ever happens).

Pulse devices don't just work with the PS5

An important detail is that Explore and Elite are not just restricted to PS5 and PlayStation Portal. Both the earbuds and the headset are accompanied by a technology called PlayStation Link, which allows connection to other platforms.

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