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Exploration game, Exo One arrives in June on PS4 and PS5



Exbleative has announced that planetary exploration game Exo One will be released on June 27th for PS4 and PS5. The title has been available for Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC since 2021 and has great reviews on Steam.

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In the adventure, players must explore alien planets in search of a mysterious signal. The journey will not be easy and various atmospheric effects, such as gravity, promise to make everything even more challenging.

Therefore, it will be necessary to master the spacecraft and understand the best way to cross thermal currents, irregular slopes and effects on the horizon without suffering damage. Watch the Exo One trailer below:

Learn more about Exo One

Read the game’s description below, according to its official Steam page:

On the anniversary of the Jupiter crash, an alien signal transmits construction plans for an alien spacecraft called Exo One, which is then built by humans.

Master a truly alien movement system and move through enigmatic and desolate landscapes in ways you’ve never experienced. Use gravity and momentum to reach impressive speeds and breathtaking heights.

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